Energy Bodywork, Hout Bay, Cape Town

Energy healing sessions, Hout Bay, Cape Town

An energy bodywork session is 1 hour. Depending on what I feel the client requires for optimum healing to take place, the session can consist of (or a combination of) meridian and chakra balancing, energetic healing, shamanic healing, crystal healing or sound healing.

I am an intuitive movement and sound healer – my sessions have an emphasis on awakening and transforming stuck and negative energy trapped in the body as well as aligning and balancing the entire chakra system. For this session you will be lying down (fully clothed) on a massage bed.

1 hour: R550.00

To book a session, please email me:

Private Inner Dance Session, Cape Town

The Inner Dance Process is a very powerful tool for deep transformation. See Inner Dance page to read more. The benefits of a 1 on 1 session is that I will be focusing on supporting only you (as opposed to a big group) through your process from beginning to end - through energy bodywork, voice activation (if required), intuitve guidance and shamanic healing.

2 hours: R750.00
Please contact me to arrange a suitable time.

Private Journey through Dance Session, Cape Town

A private journey through dance session requires a 5 / 10 min phone conversation to gather your specific intention or space you are at. I will then prepare a class that will be suitable for you.

1 hour: R550.00
1.5 hours: R650.00
Please contact me to arrange a suitable time.

Benefits of Energy Bodywork

- Raises frequency
- Heals nervous system
- Removes blockages
- Releasing of entities
- Increases self-awareness
- Improves clarity
- Promotes healing and balance
- Works on causal level of illness
- Balances and heals chakra system
- Vitalizes body & soul
- Releases stress
- Cleanses toxins
- Increases creativity

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