The symbolism of the Journey through Dance Logo

This symbol is an ever-changing entity for me; As I go deeper within my own my own self-healing, I am discovering more and more about the symbol. I am seeing things, even now as I write this, that I never noticed or felt before.

The Journey through Dance symbol represents change, fulfilment, transformation and the illumination of the soul. If you look at the symbol as a whole, you might recognize that there are parts that go inwards and parts that expand outwards.

This represents:

  • Yin / Yang
  • Exploring the Inner / Outer Worlds
  • Knowing of Self / Expression of Self
  • Healing Self / Manifesting in the World Grounding / Expansion

We journey to discover the inner self; and once we explore, heal and transform - that energy can expand and illuminate into the world in a powerful way! The reward is living a life fully embodied, a life that is truly on path with who we are and why we are here.

The very small triangles peeking out from the circle represent our shadow / soul wounds / issues / lessons that we have come here to learn and heal. By illuminating and working on our wounds, this leads to the shift; the transformation.

In the centre, is the Heart - that ignites our connection to our true creative energy and power.
Within the heart lies the potential for masculine and feminine balance; which is the true balance that we are seeking.

The outside sphere holds everything together in protection and unification; allowing us to explore in a safe and held space.

The journey is to experience freedom, joy, surrender, healing and transformation - creating the new empowered you!

One night back in 2009, this symbol was created. I sat down at my computer with the intention of creating a logo for my chakra dance classes which I was offering at that time, and all I remember is that this symbol came into being very quickly on my computer screen.

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