Awakening the Feminine

DATE: Thursday 7th November 2019

Females only!

Explore, empower and have fun with the female girl inside of you!

Through dance, movement, creativity and intention, allow yourself to:

  • Step into more of your feminine essence
  • Experience and embody grace and fluidity
  • Soften, accept, nurture and appreciate
  • Experience freedom in your femininity

Inviting the Girl inside of you to dance, to show herself, to let go and be free.

Bookings Essential

DATE: Thursday 7th November
WHERE: 76 Mount Rhodes Drive, Hout Bay
TIME: 18:30 - 8:30pm (please arrive ten minutes before)
COST: R200

BRING: Water bottle, journal and wear comfortable layered clothing

SOUND creates MUSIC with creates
which creates
which creates MANIFESTATION

Journey through dance is an exploration of the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical connection to the body, mind and spirit through dance, movement and meditation. It incorporates shamanism, deep healing, free-movement through self-expression, intention, manifestation and allows for a space to release and to move energy to where it is appropriate.

Journey through Dance classes offer a space for healing, transformation, connection, release and exploration within.

Building a strong a connection to ourselves
and others - to balance, energise and birth the creative, heart-filled potential that we all
have inside.

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