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Inner Dance is a spontaneous healing and energy movement that awoken in a man by the name of Pi Villaraza while fasting in isolation for two years
(eating only coconuts) in a remote island of the Philippines.

You begin each session lying down - the process (usually 1.5 hours) invites the body to respond as it needs feels called to.

The inner dance session is supporting with sound priming, instruments, voice healing and energetic bodywork.

I am very excited to be offering Inner Dance in South Africa. I was very fortunate to have learned the Inner Dance Process from Pi himself in the Philipines in 2017. I attended an IDES (Inner Dance Energy School) where I was taught the facilitation process. I got to work with various Inner Dance teachers from around the world and experienced profound personal healing and awakening.

What is Inner Dance?

It is a process that seems to unravel your subconscious. It is a perfect union for balancing the masculine and feminine energies within you - therefore often deep healing, remembering and insights takes places within these sessions. The music is very specific and takes you on a journey into various terrains within your own soul.

An inner dance session lasts about 1.5 hours. You begin by lying down.

A few ways to describe Inner Dance:

  • Your intuitive body beginning to speak it's stored available wisdom
  • Awakening the dreamer inside of you - waking up / parts of you
  • Deconstructing and opening up the walls so that fear that is locked in the body starts to wriggle its way free
  • A way to speak to yourself through your body
  • Conversation between your little self and bigger self

It comes from a total surrendering; allowing the Dance to take you where it is needed to go. Spontaneous movement may happen - that derives from various openings that get created via the Inner Dance. The music that is prepared is very specific and takes you through various stages of transformation - through different levels of brain wave states.

There are vast experiences that people have when in this space. Come with an open mind and willingness to heal and learn more about your self. You lie down to start and the music invites the body to respond as it needs feels called to.

As a facilitator, during the session, I support the process by facilitaing energetic bodywork and sound healing when called to do so.

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Teachers in Cape Town - Leigh Goodman & Sharyn Timkoe
(Both of us learned Inner Dance and attended IDES in the Philippines)

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Testimonials from Participants:

I am 59 years old, and I can honestly say that of ALL the transformational workshops I’ve done (both local and international), this Inner Dance Intensive was the BEST ever!!! Facilitators Sharyn and Leigh were brilliant, intuitive and very knowledgeable. I always felt supported as I navigated my healing journey. If ever you get an opportunity to experience Inner Dance, do not hesitate. It is a mind-blowing experience that WILL change your life!! Kathy

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